Twitter Lessons

Each morning we publish a grammatically incorrect sentence. In the evening we provide the answer and an explanation.

This is an example of a daily Twitter lesson.

Morning entry

If you cannot find the error in the sentence, you can follow the link on Twitter to the page on that explains the error and shows you how to correct it.

In the evening we provide the correct answer and an explanation.

Evening entry

Grammar solution
Fewer cars mean less traffic.

Evening explanation

Grammar comment
Use "fewer" to refer to a quantity that can be counted.

Occasionally, there will be a photo accompanying the explanation to provide more information about the correction.

These daily lessons cover the following topics:

  • Capitalization
  • Misused Words
  • Punctuation
  • Sentence Structure
    • Cat and dog sentence
    • Dangling participle
    • Misplaced modifiers
    • Faulty parallel structure
    • Pronoun-antecedent disagreement
    • Run-on sentence
    • Sentence fragment
    • Subject-verb disagreement

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