Taking a Test

The testing process

The 20-sentence test will be generated according to the parameters that you select. You can choose from four levels: easy, medium, hard, or random. Random will include sentences from all three levels, beginning with the easy level and progressing to the hard level.

When you are ready to take the test, it will open in a new window with one sentence of the test being displayed at a time.

This is an sample of a test item.

You choose your answer by clicking on one of the two choices; then proceed to the next question until the test has been finished.

Getting the score

When you complete the test, you will get a score and an option to review the test.

Reviewing the test

When you review the test, each sentence of the test will be presented individually with your answer and the correct answer.

If you click on the highlighted answer, the rule will appear on the screen by the sentence.

In this case the preposition in the sentence is highlighted to assist you in understanding why her and not she is the correct answer.

The results of each test that you do for each unit will remain on your test page, so that you can go back and review any of these tests at your leisure. There is no cost associated with reviewing these tests, but you have to log in to access this page.

We strongly recommend that you study the rules carefully before you do a test. Later, when you take a test and review it, the rule will make more sense to you.

You learn by practice, so the repetition from doing a few tests will help you remember the rules.