Welcome to Tutor for English, a website designed to assist you in overcoming specific grammatical weaknesses.

This website is based on the premise that it is very important for you to speak and write correctly, that is, to have good communication skills. While this is important in all aspects of your life, the need is even more pronounced at work. Your image is shaped by your appearance, your behaviour, and your communication skills. Poor writing and speaking skills can reflect as negatively on you as unruly behavior or unkempt appearance.

Therefore, use the contents of this website, designed by a retired English teacher, to improve your communication skills.

These are some reasons that you may want to improve your communication skills.

  • Get that promotion you always wanted.
  • Improve your grades in school or university.
  • Show more confidence at work, in school, or in social situations.
  • Detect errors in speech, reports, or papers.

First, decide your motivation and then act on it by studying the appropriate topics. Make yourself and others proud of your accomplishments!

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We hope that you will find this website beneficial in improving your communication skills.

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