Writing a Term Paper

A term paper is very similar to an essay in structure, but it will be longer. You may think of an essay as a short term paper that you would write in high school. The high school essay has an introduction, a minimum of three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. However, at the college or the university level the term paper will require more body paragraphs.

The introductory paragraph of your term paper, which is very brief, will inform the reader of your thesis statement, or main idea, that you will prove in the body paragraphs. The middle, which is the bulk of your term paper, will provide sufficient evidence to prove your thesis statement point by point in a progressive and organized manner. The concluding paragraph, which is brief like the introductory paragraph, will summarize succinctly the evidence you presented to prove your thesis statement.

Without this structure, you are basically writing an information paper instead of a position paper. In an information paper you write all you know about a subject without trying to prove a point. In a position paper you clearly indicate the thesis statement you intend to prove and organize your material to accomplish that goal. At the end of a position paper, there should no doubt that you have proved your point.

Therefore, we contend that the structure of your term paper is as important as the content. Unless your content is organized in a coherent manner, you will have difficulty convincing your reader that you have proved your point. Therefore, we ask that you study the unit on essay writing in order to write a well-structured term paper.

Students who used the essay structure checklist in high school to master writing a structured essay have also used the checklist (with minor changes) in college and university to their advantage.

Therefore, if you need tutoring in writing an effective term paper, study the unit on essay. You will need to follow the same steps for your term paper.

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