Misused Words

Statue, Stature and Statute

Statue, a noun, means a sculpture of a person or thing.

The model posed for the sculptor to make a statue.

Stature, a noun, means height or reputation or fame.

Mr. Collins was a man of great stature in the business community.

Statute, a noun, means a law.

The legislature finally passed the statute forbidding gambling in the state.

Choose the correct answer for each of the three practice sentences below by clicking on the correct answer.

(1) After a heated debate the legislature finally passed a (statue, stature, statute) decriminalizing marijuana.

(2) The (statue, stature, statute) in the town square was vandalized during the weekend.

(3) The policeman did not issue a ticket to the speeder because of his (statue, stature, statute) in the community.

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