Misused Words

In and Into

In, a preposition, shows a relation between two things, such as the desk in the room. In this sentence the preposition in shows the relationship between desk and room.

The young lad jumped in the water.

In this example the lad is already in the water and is merely jumping around in the water.

Into, a preposition, shows movement from one place to another.

The young lad jumped into the water.

In this example there is movement from the land (boat, pier, whatever) to the water.

Get into the car if you want to go for a ride in the car.
Stay in the car while I go into the store.

Choose the correct answer for each of the two practice sentences below by clicking on the correct answer.

(1) The boy removed his shoes before he walked (in, into) the trailer.

(2) When the water was heated, it turned (in, into) steam.

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