Misused Words

Almost and Most

Almost, an adverb, means approximately or nearly.

He almost finished his assignment before retiring for the night.

Most, an adjective, means the greatest degree of something.

The student won the most awards.

Degrees of comparison

Positive Comparative Superlative
much more most
many much more

The positive degree is used to talk about one person or thing.
Positive: He is much happier today.

The comparative degree is used to compare two people or things.
Comparative: He is more courageous than his brother.

The superlative degree is used to compare more than two people or things.
Superlative: He is the most industrious boy in the whole class.


Choose the correct answer for each of the two practice sentences below by clicking on the correct answer.

(1) Though he desperately wanted to win the race, he (almost, most) quit towards the end.

(2) Despite the rain, (almost, most) runners were able to finish the race.

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