Misused Words

Allude, Delude and Elude

Allude, a verb, means to make a reference to something.

It is best not to allude to their custody battle.

Delude, a verb, means to mislead or deceive.

The older couple deluded themselves into believing that their marriage was a success.

Elude, a verb, means to escape from something or someone.

The bank robber was able to elude the police during the roadblock.

Choose the correct answer for each of the three practice sentences below by clicking on the correct answer.

(1) The student managed to (allude, delude, elude) himself into believing that he was not wasting his time while he was surfing the Internet.

(2) One department of government that you cannot (allude, delude, elude) is the taxaton department.

(3) The governor tried not to (allude, delude, elude) to the riots of the past week during his press conference.

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