Misused Words

These are pairs of words that are often misused in writing, so it is important to be able to distinguish between them.

About, Around Accept, Except Adapt, Adept, Adopt
Advice, Advise Affect, Effect All ready, Already
All right, Alright All together, Altogether Allowed, Aloud
Allude, Delude, Elude Allusion, Illusion Almost, Most
Altar, Alter Among, Between Amount, Number
As, Like Audience, Spectator Avocation, Vocation
Balance, Remainder Beside, Besides Brake, Break
Breadth, Breath, Breathe Bring, Take, Fetch Broach, Brooch
Cache, Cash Can, May Choose, Chose
Clothes, Cloths Coarse, Course Complement, Compliment
Complicit, Explicit, Implicit Conscience, Conscious Consul, Council, Counsel
Contemptible, Contemptuous Continual, Continuous Credible, Creditable, Credulous
Demur, Demure Desert, Dessert Device, Devise
Discover, Invent Elicit, Illicit Emigrate, Immigrate
Eminent, Imminent Evacuate, Excavate Faint, Feint
Fair, Fare Famous, Infamous Farther, Further
Fewer, Less Figuratively, Literally Flaunt, Flout
Formally, Formerly Forth, Fourth Good, Well
Hanged, Hung Hear, Here Imply, Infer
In, Into Its, It's Lay, Lie
Lead, Led Learn, Teach Let's, Lets
Lighting, Lightening, Lightning Loath, Loathe Loose, Lose
Of, Off Passed, Past Persecute, Prosecute
Personal, Personnel Perspective, Prospective Plain, Plane
Popular, Populous Precede, Proceed Principal, Principle
Quiet, Quite Raise, Rise Respectfully, Respectively
Set, Sit Stationary, Stationery Statue, Stature, Statute
Than, Then Their, There, They're Threw, Through
To, Too Transparent, Translucent, Opaque Verses, Versus
Waist, Waste Weather, Whether Who, Whom
Who's, Whose Your, You're

Note: For each word we have given one or two main definitions. However, there are other definitions that are not as common. Consult a dictionary for these words.