Writing an Essay
Writing the Thesis Statement

Writing the thesis statement

Once you have decided on your purpose, it is now easier to write your thesis statement. If you believe, for example, that capital punishment should be reinstated, your thesis statement could be

Capital punishment should be reinstated in [your country].

If you believe that smoking marijuana has no detrimental side effects, your thesis statement could be

Possession of marijuana for personal use should be decriminalized in [your country].

Note: The thesis statement must be written in one sentence and it must clearly indicate your stand on that particular topic.

You can see from these sample thesis statements that you are taking a stand on a particular issue. Your essay will be focused because your mission is to prove your thesis.

Choosing your audience

Your audience will determine the wording of your thesis statement.

For example, if you are a Canadian, you may want to argue for the legalization of abortion on demand in Canada.

If you are an American, you might argue against the right to bear firearms in the United States.

If you are an employee, you might argue for more flexible work hours.

As a citizen you might argue for some changes to your community, province/state, or country, but not internationally.

However, if you were addressing an international body, then you might argue that world leaders should do more to combat hunger in under-developed countries.

Sample thesis statements

  • Surrogate motherhood should be legalized in Canada.
  • Canadian citizens should be allowed to carry firearms.
  • Animals should not be used for experimental purposes.
  • There should be a daycare facility at [your company].
  • The property taxes for [your town] should be lowered.
  • Juveniles should be tried in open court.
  • The welfare system in Canada should be significantly changed.
  • The use of marijuana should be legalized in Canada.
  • The Canadian government should censor adult reading material.
  • Parents who abuse their children should be sterilized.
  • The legal drinking (driving) age should be raised (lowered).
  • The Canadian immigration laws need to be tightened.
  • Advertising of alcoholic beverages should be banned.
  • The penalty for drinking and driving should be more severe.
  • Euthanasia should be legalized in Canada.
  • The use of nuclear energy should be banned.
  • Unemployment insurance should be abolished in Canada.
  • Abortion on demand should be legalized in Canada.
  • The federal government should more strictly regulate all advertising in Canada.
  • Sports allowing violence and aggression should be banned from all forms of mass media.
  • The abandoned railway track in [your town] should be used for recreational vehicles.
  • The federal government should be responsible for the education of Canadian citizens.
  • Canadian immigration policies should be based purely on national self-interest.
  • Sex education courses should be taught to all students before they reach high school.

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