Writing an Essay
Writing the Final Copy

Writing the final copy

There should be no corrections on your final copy.

Your instructor will inform you of the format that he/she requires for your final copy. However, the essay will usually have a cover page (indicating the educational institution, the course, your name, and the date submitted), a title page (indicating the title of your essay), and the essay.

Note: The essay could also require footnotes or endnotes and a bibliography, but these are usually reserved for a research paper.

Make sure that there is sufficient blank space on the last page for the instructor to write comments. Include an additional blank page if necessary.

Sample cover page

Name of educational institution
Course name and number
Assignment number
Student's name
Date paper was submitted

Note: The information for the cover page is centered on the page.

Sample title page

Legalizing Marijuana for Personal Use

Note: The title is centered on the page. For more information on writing a title, see the essay notes on Writing the Title..

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