Writing an Essay
Writing the Draft

Writing the draft

Now that you have gathered your information and written an outline, you need to start writing the draft. It is called a draft because your first copy should never be your final copy. It is a working copy that you will edit and revise until it is just the way you want it.

Structure of the essay

Your essay will follow this structure:

1. Introductory paragraph
2. Body paragraphs
3. Concluding paragraph

Introductory paragraph

Your introductory paragraph will consist of a brief preamble culminating in your thesis statement. The preamble orients the reader to your topic, and the thesis statement clearly shows the reader the stand that you are taking on your topic.

This is a sample introductory paragraph for the seal hunt. Note that the paragraph culminates with the thesis statement.

One of Newfoundland's most important industries is the seal fishery. For years Newfoundlanders have been leaving their tiny outports and towns to go north and hunt the seals. The annual hunt employs hundreds of Newfoundlanders and others who are involved with the processing of the meat and furs. Not only does the hunt provide employment, but it also helps to maintain cod stocks at a relatively good level. For these reasons, the seal hunt should be continued.
Body paragraphs

The body paragraphs will follow this structure:

1. Topic sentence
2. Evidence
3. Concluding sentence

The first sentence in the body paragraph is the topic sentence. It indicates to the reader which argument you will be using in that paragraph to develop your thesis. Once you have written your topic sentence, you will then use the evidence you have gathered to prove that topic sentence. After all your evidence has been presented for that topic sentence, you will end your paragraph with a concluding sentence. The concluding sentence briefly summarizes what you have been saying.

Here is a sample topic sentence for each body paragraph of the essay on the seal hunt.

Body paragraph # 1 topic sentence
One important reason for continuing the seal hunt is to preserve the cod fishery.
Body paragraph # 2 topic sentence
The retention of the seal hunt will provide the consumer with many different products.
Body paragraph # 3 topic sentence
The most significant reason for continuing the hunt is that it provides employment for Newfoundlanders.
Arrangement of your arguments

1. Better
2. Good
3. Best

You need to decide in which order you will arrange and present your arguments. If, for instance, you could label your arguments as good, better, and best, you could present your better argument first to get your reader’s attention. Once you have him hooked with your better argument, you could then present your good argument. Finally, you present your best argument as a clincher. This will give your reader something to ponder after she has read your essay. Your best argument will linger in her mind for a while; this is the goal you want to accomplish.

Concluding paragraph

Your concluding paragraph will summarize the evidence that you presented in the body paragraphs and repeat your thesis statement. You are saying to reader that you have proven your point with the evidence presented.

Here is a sample concluding paragraph for the essay on the seal hunt.

The seal hunt is essential for the important role that it plays in the Newfoundland economy. It provides employment during the actual hunt and later during the processing of the meat, the oil, and the furs. Also, continuing the seal hunt will preserve the cod fishery and ensure fishermen a livelihood from the sea. Therefore, Newfoundlanders should resist every effort to have the seal hunt terminated.


Your essay is a formal paper, so do not use the personal pronouns I, we, you, or any of their derivatives, such as me, mine, our, us, your or yours.

Also, avoid the use of such expressions as in this essay or in the following paragraphs. The instructor knows that you are writing an essay and that it has paragraphs.

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