Writing an Essay
Choosing the Subject

Choosing the subject

There are two major considerations when you choose the subject on which you will write an essay: your personal interest in the subject and sufficient research material.

If you choose a topic that appeals to you, you will be more interested in writing a good essay. If the topic does not appeal to you, you will write a perfunctory essay, just to get the assignment done without regard to your grade on the assignment.

However, finding a topic that appeals to you does not mean that you can use that topic. If there is insufficient research material in the library or on the Internet to provide arguments for your thesis (the statement that you are going to prove), you won’t be able to write a good essay. In this case you will need to change your topic to one that does have ample evidence to support your thesis.

Your topic should be one that is controversial, so that you can present arguments for or against the topic. A controversial topic also makes it easier for you to formulate your thesis statement.

Note: In this website the term "thesis" refers to your position on a controversial issue. The term "thesis statement" refers to a sentence that clearly states your position on a controversial issue.

Thesis: The reinstatement of capital punishment

Thesis statement: Capital punishment should be reinstated in Canada.

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