Writing an Essay

1. Choosing the subject 2. Narrowing the subject 3. Deciding the purpose 4. Writing the thesis statement
5. Gathering the material 6. Writing the outline 7. Writing the draft 8. Revising the draft
9. Writing the final copy 10. Submitting the essay 11. Summary 12. Essay structure checklist


Writing an essay, whether for school, work, or personal use, can be a challenging experience. Quite often people have the information, but they do not know how to structure that information. That is why we have developed this unit on structure in writing.

Although the unit is titled "Writing an Essay," the steps can be used by any adult who has to write a speech, prepare for a presentation, or develop a proposal for work. However, the instruction is geared toward students in school, college, and university; therefore, you will see the word "student" used frequently.

Most students are often required to

  • write an essay on a topic in a language course,
  • prepare a speech for presentation to the class, or
  • answer a question in a literature or history course in essay format.

Many workers are required to

  • write a proposal for their employer, or
  • make a presentation to their colleagues, employers, or clients.

A well-organized document, together with good content, will be a delight for your instructor or employer to read. Likewise, a well-structured presentation will be a pleasure for your audience to hear.

Unfortunately, many students graduate from school, college, and university without learning the skills to organize their knowledge to produce results.

We hope that this unit will help you improve your writing skills.

Tutor for English team