Error Codes

Instructions to teachers

When you are correcting a student's assignment, you can indicate the number of the error code (by the error) on his/her paper and direct the student to this page to learn how to correct the error. This will save you time in your correcting, since you won't have to explain the error, which can be quite time consuming. Click here to send us an e-mail requesting a Word copy of these error codes, which you can arrange numerically or alphabetically.

Instructions to students

Click on the number of the error code that the teacher has written on your assignment. This link will take you to the page on Tutor for English that explains the error and teaches you how to correct it.

 Punctuation (P)

 Parts of Speech (PS)

 Sentence Structure (SS)
Apostrophe P1
Colon P2
Comma P3
Exclamation P4
Italics P5
Period P6
Question mark P7
Quotation mark P8
Semicolon P9
Adjective PS1
Adverb PS2
Article PS3
Conjunction PS4
Interjection PS5
Noun PS6
Preposition PS7
Pronoun PS8
Verb PS9
Verbal PS10
Cat and dog sentence SS1
Dangling participle SS2
Misplaced modifier SS3
Faulty parallel structure SS4
Pronoun and antecedent disagreement SS5
Run-on sentence SS6
Sentence fragment SS7
Subject and verb disagreement SS8

 Writing a Paragraph (PH)

 Writing an Essay (ES)

 Writing a Research Paper (RP)
Expository paragraph PH1
Narrative paragraph PH2
Descriptive paragraph PH3
Unity in paragraph PH4
Coherence in paragraph PH5
Choosing subject ES1
Narrowing subject ES2
Deciding purpose ES3
Writing thesis statement ES4
Gathering material ES5
Writing outline ES6
Writing draft ES7
Revising draft ES8
Writing final copy ES9
Submitting essay ES10
Summary ES11
Essay checklist ES12
Choosing topic RP1
Deciding purpose/writing thesis RP2
Finding sources/taking notes RP3
Writing outline RP4
Writing draft RP5
Revising draft RP6
Writing final copy RP7
Writing footnotes/bibliography RP8
Submitting final copy RP9
Research paper checklist RP10

 Misused Words (MW)

 Variety in Sentences (VS)

 Writing an Exam (EX)
Misused Words MW
Variety in sentences VS1
Preparations for exams EX1
Writing an essay answer EX2

 Subject and Verb Agreement (SV)
Singular subject SV1
Plural subject SV2
Pronoun "you" PS3
Modifiers between subject and verb SV4
Compound subject plural SV5
Compound subject singular SV6
Negative expressions SV7
Predicate nominative SV8
Distance SV9
Money SV10
Time SV11
Volume SV12
Weight SV13
The number, a number SV14
Correlative conjunctions SV15
Indefinite pronouns SV16
Relative pronouns SV17
Non-restrictive clauses SV18
Restrictive clause SV19
Nouns plural in form and plural in ideas SV20
Nouns plural in form but singular in idea SV21
All, most, some: singular SV22
All, most, some: plural SV23
Each, every SV24
Inverted sentence SV25
Subjunctive mood SV26
Collective nouns: plural SV27
Collective nouns: singular SV28
Fractions SV29
Percentages SV30
Foreign nouns SV31

Capitalization (C)
Academic subjects C1
Acts, bills, laws, and legal codes C2
Amusement parks, fairs, and expositions C3
Books, poems, short stories, and songs C4
Brand names C5
Bridges causeways, and airports C6
Buildings and special rooms C7
Businesses C8
Churches C9
Cities, towns, villages, and regions C10
Compound words C11
Conferences C12
Contests, pageants, awards, and prizes C13
Continents C14
Countries C15
Dates and special days C16
Denominations C17
Educational degrees C18
Educational institutions C19
Festivals C20
Government bodies and departments C21
Government programs C22
Historical events, documents, and periods C23
Holy men in sacred writings C24
Indigenous peoples C25
Initials and acronyms C26
Islands C27
Letters C28
Lines of poetry C29
Magazines and newspapers C30
Memorials, cemeteries, and estates C31
Mountains and hills C32
Musical groups C33
Nationalities C34
Oceans, seas, bays, gulfs, straits, and harbours C35
Organizations, associations, and clubs C36
Outlines C37
Parks, campgrounds, and resorts C38
Personal names and nicknames C39
Plays, movies, and musicals C40
Points of the compass C41
Political parties and electoral districts C42
Pronoun "I" C43
Proper adjectives C44
Proper nouns C45
Provinces, territories, and states C46
Quotations C47
Religions and their followers C48
Rivers, falls, brooks, and streams C49
Roman numerals C50
Sacred writings and documents C51
Sentences C52
Ships, trains, aircraft, and spacecraft C53
Signs and mottos C54
Stars, planets, satellites, and constellations C55
Streets, roads, avenues, lanes, and highways C56
Television and radio programs C57
Titles of people C58
Volcanoes and hurricanes C59